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School Communication System

Application will enable teachers and parents to communicate effectively all times through online messaging. It has comprehensive features ranging from simple message to video call support.

Group Message
School can create various classes and sections and send message to the specific classes and sections

Supported Message Type
School can compose simple message/multimedia message/attachment of documents (PDF, Documents, Images and Videos).

School can create message templates for various activities with specific keywords and the same can be used for sending to different classes and sections with ease.

Various keywords (like Student name, Class name, section, teacher name) available to be placed in the message and it will easier to merge the message with the data while sending the message. It will minimize multiple message creation.

One to One Chat
Teachers/Parents can schedule appointment for one to one chat and they can do chat on that particular period.

Video Chat
Teachers/Parents can do Video chat as per the convenience.

Approval Form
School can send approval form to the parents for any Survey/Events/Notification that need Approval and parents can approve/reject with digital signature.

Calendar and Appointment
Parents can view the school calendar with the upcoming events that’s going to be happening in the coming week.

Response Analysis
School and Teacher can analysis the Approval form based on the parents response and finalize their decision.

Message Delivery Scheduling
School and Teacher can schedule the message to be send on a particular date and time to a particular category and concentrate on other activities. Application will send automatically the schedule message as per the date and time defined.

Alert Notification
Mobile app will be having the alert notification on the incoming message, so that parents cannot miss the notification at any time.

View History
School and Teachers can view the history of the message that has been send and verify the message delivery date and time to the parents.

Ease of Use
Paperless environment
Cost Effective
Collaborative with Parent at any time
Data Security
Available on Mobile (Parents) and Desktop (School)

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